Our mission: propose a solution and open new perspectives for people with disabilities

In our quest to bring about positive change, we met a man who had been an amputee for 37 years, his hope of regaining sufficient muscle activity to access a myoelectric prosthesis seemed to be slowly fading.

The years passed, with no sign of muscular activity, leaving him facing a difficult reality.
We were able to provide him with innovation in his rehabilitation, but above all in an experience that would improve his life, our device immediately detected his muscular activity. And with coordinated visual and tactile feedback, a true transformation occurred: in just a few minutes, he managed to animate a virtual arm.

This moment was not just a technological breakthrough. It was hope that illuminated a complex and daunting situation for this man.

This meeting was the starting point, tangible proof that Myotact had the potential to change the lives of people who had lost the use of their limbs. Driven by this founding meeting, we worked tirelessly to create a unique device, a solution opening new future perspectives in post-stroke rehabilitation and for amputees.


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